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Robin Recognized as Hybrid Work Leaders in G2's 2022 Summer Report

G2 badges for summer 2022
Zach Dunn
Published on

When we first started, getting someone to successfully set up a conference room calendar was cause for celebration. That was 2014, and we were just beginning to support flexible workplace strategies. Before the pandemic, we just barely scratched the surface with desk reservations, while still under 100 people.

Over the past few years, hybrid work caused most workplaces to leap 3-5 years ahead of schedule — and now flexible work is foundational to a modern workplace. The trouble with this? It’s uncharted territory, and the community of experts is still growing.

Since then, we’ve seen a growing shift towards workplaces which adapt to their people. Within the past few years, with the rise of hybrid work we’ve worked hard to create a product that powers people to make connections and collaborate. We want to remind people what the office can give that home setups can’t. Generally speaking, the backbone of the physical workplace is the people in it. 

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We’re proud to be part of that evolution for thousands of offices globally. We know it isn’t always easy. But every day we hear from teams trying to make a workplace that elevates their people even more. That’s why feedback today matters — everyone is doing this for the first time at the same time. 

Hybrid work is a change because it focuses on the work instead of where the work happens. It comes with risk, especially because of how limited the case studies or stories of people successfully having it all figured out.

We often say that “customer service is a team sport”. We can’t just ship a great product and sit back — that’s where continuous customer stories — wins and missteps, comes in. It helps us learn and discover that next step of progress for the industry, and our other customers.

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Now we’re over 200 Robinauts strong, supporting a growing number of hybrid workplaces. Every day, thousands of people use Robin to collaborate with their teams. Every month, millions of work days are coordinated within Robin — we’re grateful for the opportunity to work with so many great workplace teams throughout the world. We also know this next chapter of the workplace is just getting started.

These success stories are important to tell as the workplace goes through a transformation into the next era. Not just to celebrate, but also to show how ventures into this new frontier can be better. Others learn, and more have a workplace which is ready to welcome back vibrant real life collaboration.

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This is why I’m thankful to hear stories like these which show the impact we’ve had, and what it’s meant for the people they support. At the end of the day, it’s always been about the people.

Hybrid is human, Robin is proud to facilitate that. 

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