Introducing: Robin on Logitech's new Tap Scheduler

Brendan O'Neil
Brendan O'Neil

Ready for some great workplace technology news? 

Robin is proud to announce that we are a launch partner with Logitech

We’re honored to be featured on the newest product, Tap Scheduler, from a leader in workplace technology, Logitech. 

The growth of meeting room booking software

We’ve been a leader in the meeting room space since 2014 because we saw the value of better space utilization and communication around spaces. 

Robin was created to give people back time by better

Little did we know, the booking software space would become a force to be reckoned with in 2020.

As the pandemic hit, there was a whole new level of value placed on space management and workplace experience. Businesses needed to: 

  • Manage physical spacing in-office. 
  • Log visitors entering the workplace.
  • Empower employees to safely book a desk.
  • Adhere to capacity requirements. 
  • Roll-out safety check-in procedures.
  • Manage hybrid meetings

Robin was (and is) ready to help.

Supporting dynamic work with the right workplace tools

When people come back to the office, you want to make sure there is as little friction as possible. Amenities like Logitech’s Tap Scheduler help make that happen. 

Get a real-time view of what rooms are available and which aren’t. The Logitech Tap Scheduler features LED light bars that light up green when a room is available and red when booked. 

Status updates are synced with the Robin platform for accurate, up-to-date scheduling. Map out a safely-distance floor plan, use health checks to confirm everyone in the office is safe, contract trace with check-in data and robust analytics.

Prepare your business for a hybrid workforce

The world of work has changed forever. Employees are demanding more flexibility and businesses are responding to avoid losing their top talent. 

Hybrid work allows the best of both worlds. An office space for collaboration and a workplace designed to handle both in-person and remote workers at any given time. 

The choice is in the hands of the employees. 

Offices are more dynamic than ever. That means meeting rooms need to be visible and up to date to support the way we work. 

The joined forces of the Logitech Tap Scheduler and the Robin platform make that a reality.