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Robin’s Global Hybrid Trends: Build a Better Workplace with Real-Time Data

Global Hybrid Office Trends
Eric Lani
Published on

One question we get all the time: How can I create a workplace that my people actually want to use? The truth is that the answer is going to be different for everyone, but your spaces can be optimized with the right workplace data. 

At Robin, our goal is to enable the best versions of flexible work possible. We’ve worked with customers since 2014 to empower workplaces everywhere to become more forward-thinking, more employee-centric and more vibrant. Our new data tool makes that easier than ever.

Introducing: The Global Hybrid Trends Dashboard. Leveraging millions of data points, customers can now benchmark their own unique workplace data against global trends and companies that are similar to their own. 

With the addition of Global Hybrid Trends, we are extending our existing robust dataset, and allowing for additional insights. Not all analytics tools are built the same, so let’s dive into what we are offering and show you how data can benefit you. 

Robin’s Hybrid Analytics: 3 Tools for Data-Driven Decision Making

  1. Global Hybrid Trends and Benchmark Analysis

The Global Hybrid Trends Dashboard is the first of its kind. This new feature combines real-time data from thousands of companies globally with advanced analytics to provide benchmarking scores that better inform flexible workplace policies and goal setting. 

Robin's Global Hybrid Trends Dashboard
  1. Workplace Analytics

Our workplace analytics offers a detailed view of office and space utilization. These insights can help you recapture under-utilized spaces, identify patterns in occupancy, and improve your office overall. 

Maximize your space by analyzing who works where, when, and how often. If a space is being underutilized, compare it to a more populated area. Maybe there aren’t enough monitors, or the desks are too close together, or maybe the snack cabinet is not as well stocked as other areas. Figure out how to improve your office space, by figuring out what your team really needs and wants.

Robin's Workplace Analytics
  1. Employee Experience Analytics

It doesn’t really matter how your office is set up, if your employee’s don’t enjoy the overall experience. Employee experience analytics measures the daily sentiment of office users, gaining live insights into your employees’ day-to-day

Building employee feedback loops is crucial and allows you to be proactive. With Robin you can collect and review employee experience data in the same app, so you can better understand what your people like or don’t like about the office with ease.

Robin's Employee Experience Analytics

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