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Communicate and Collaborate with Robin's New Feature: Workplace Announcements

workplace announcements with Robin
Amanda Reynolds
Published on

Variants and vaccines and mandates – oh my! 

It feels like every other week there is some new change to office policies, mandates around vaccination or, lately, a new variant. 

For workplaces, this creates a challenge. Leaders need to ensure all employees, regardless of location, are aware of any changing circumstances, whether that’s inside the office, or out. The pandemic continues to teach us that the only constant is change. 

So, how do you make sure your employees are kept in the loop? 

Robin is excited to share that we're adding workplace announcements to our platform - empowering you to share important information with people in your organization. 

Communicate & collaborate more effectively with workplace announcements

When you are about to post an announcement, our platform will prompt you to pick which location the announcement applies to. From there, any employee who has that office set as their default location will be notified the next time they open the Robin mobile app or log into the web dashboard. 

By providing information to employees about the office within your workplace platform, your teams already have the workplace at the front of their mind. This timing helps your message resonate and, perhaps, stick out a bit more than just another email. 

Even cooler? Be confident that the right people see the message. When you create an announcement, it’s easy to choose the priority of your message. If the announcement is urgent, or requires acknowledgement, you can mark the announcement as priority, meaning team members will need to read and acknowledge the announcement prior to booking a desk or space in Robin.

Crafting culture during COVID

Planning on making Fridays office dog days? Hoping to establish taco Tuesdays? Whatever it is, let your teams know as they are popping into the Robin app to plan their work week. For these types of announcements, you can set them up to be sent to specific offices. 

(Sneak peek alert: In the future, we will add announcements that don’t require the acknowledgement that a priority announcement does.)

At Robin, we pride ourselves on product innovation. Oftentimes, our new features come directly from customer feedback. Have an idea for a new tool or looking to see something improved? Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d love to chat! 

Until next time, product out. ✌️

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