Easy on the wallet: Rooms is now on Kindle Fire

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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Robin software on a Kindle device

This week we're welcoming the Kindle Fire to the list of devices supported by the Rooms display app for conference rooms.

The launch of v2.0 included a big rewrite of the app, a big part of which was supporting low power (and accessible) devices like the Kindle series.

iOS, Android and now Kindle Fire

We're thrilled to add Kindle Fire to our cross-platform support for rooms after listening to feedback from customers and those in the room scheduling space. Its best quality is a $50 price tag.

That's closer in price to an actual paper calendar than your average tablet device. Put another way, you can now outfit an entire department's worth of conference rooms for about the same cost as a single iPad Mini. Not too bad at all if you're looking to make room scheduling super simple on a budget.

Check out the app on the Amazon app store to see more.

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Available conference room on Kindle Fire
Available conference rooms on Kindle Fire
Meeting in progress on Kindle Fire