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Workplace Management Software, Explained

workplace management software
Becky Chariton
Published on

The workplace is constantly evolving. We've gone from being in the office 5 days a week, 9-5 to embracing more accommodating solutions.We've said goodbye to cubicles and assigned seating to make way for more flexibility and choice.

And while all of this enables employees and businesses to be more productive, it also means there's more to manage. Tracking visitors, booking desks, managing resources, and scheduling conference rooms are now responsibilities tied into hybrid workplace management.

With so much to juggle and keep track of, wouldn't it be nice if you could manage all of these responsibilities in one place? That's where workplace management software comes in, the only solution that allows you to easily manage all aspects of the office at once.

One platform for all of your flexible workplace needs? It doesn't get better than that.

From facilities management to resource booking, if you're looking to build a vibrant workplace and create meaningful workplace experiences then workplace management software might be for you.

Vibrant workplaces don't happen by accident, office planning is critical.

What is Workplace Management Software?

We all have experience relying on complicated Excel sheets and handwritten documents to uphold processes in the workplace. It can seem like a good place to start, but in the end, these resources can get confusing and overwhelming, reducing their functionality.

With workplace management software, you can throw away your handwritten lists, delete the spreadsheets, and start tracking everything in one centralized location. This includes data, occupancy levels, visitor registration sheets, and more.

Workplace management software is a solution that enables facility managers and workplace leaders to organize and facilitate workplace strategies and automate everyday processes to optimize their office space. Modern workplace and facility management software solutions should offer a variety of features that support your office space and asset management, including:

  • Desk booking
  • Room scheduling
  • Space utilization data
  • Workplace analytics
  • Automated workplace solutions

The right software will cover every aspect of space management and streamline your existing workflow so leaders and employees alike can easily navigate, operate, and manage the office.

The right software makes space planning a data-driven process.

IWMS vs. Workplace Management Software

Like any aspect of managing the office, there is more than one way to get things done. You may be wondering how an integrated workplace management system and a workplace management software are different. Let's run through each type of solution.

Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS)

IWMS or integrated workplace management systems, have traditionally been used to support facilities management in the workplace. IWMS software helps track space and energy usage with an emphasis on real estate optimization, capital project management, facilities maintenance, real estate lifecycle management, and resource management.

It's a helpful tool for anyone involved in tax management or corporate real estate from facilities managers to directors. Reports and data collected and generated from IWMS software can help teams gain clear insights into their office so that they can make more informed decisions. While IWMS software can be a crucial resource, it's not necessarily a tool that's designed for company wide use.

Workplace Management Software

Workplace management software, on the other hand, has similar functions but is more modern and designed to be user-friendly. It's extremely effective and easy to use for both employees and employers, making interacting with the office simple, enhancing employee productivity and simplifying resource management for workplace leaders.

Workplace analytics and space utilization data are key features, but workplace management software covers so much more. Modern software also integrates new features like AI and automation, streamlining manual and repetitive tasks for both administrators and their teams.

According to our recent survey, over 70% of survey respondents believe AI-driven features in the workplace will either be important or very important in shaping the future of work, and nearly 40% of respondents report using office automation tools either daily or often.

While IWMS software is still a valid resource in workplace management systems, workplace management software is less clunky and far more focused on simplifying the user experience.

Think of workplace management software as the modern version of IWMS software.

Who Needs Workplace Management Software?

The chances that your office space runs itself are slim. More likely your office is supported by a dynamic workplace experience team, balancing data, technology, and people.

Each person on your team has an individual role that helps support the office, but if you want things to run smoothly all functions and processes need to come together. Bottom line: your entire workplace experience team will benefit from workplace management software and here's how.

Facilities Managers

Real estate is a top expense for many companies. And for Facilities Managers, getting the most out of your real estate investment is a top priority.

Workplace management software allows Facilities Managers to easily review space utilization data and assess how the office is being used. This way they can decide if the space needs to be rearranged, resized, or reconfigured.

Better space management leads to better workplaces. The right software solution can help maximize office usage, optimize spaces and desks, and streamline real estate portfolio management.

IT and Workplace Technology Managers

IT and workplace technology managers spend their days utilizing technology to streamline processes and simplify everyday workplace experiences. Automation features included with workplace management software make that even easier.

Key features like automatic desk check-in and suggested desk booking eliminate time consuming steps for employees, reducing friction and maximizing productivity. With AI-driven workplace automation, IT managers can implement intelligent workflows to improve the workplace experience and business intelligence.

Providing teams with a simple way to book desks empowers people with more choice in their work day.

Employee Experience Leaders

Workplace experience and employee experience go hand in hand, and workplace analytics can help identify inefficiencies. With workplace management software, employee experience leaders can collect and access the data they need, so they can have the biggest possible impact on their people.

In a recent report, we learned that over 90% of respondents are using employee feedback tools to determine if their plans are working. From employee experience surveys to space utilization to real time data, workplace management software compiles workplace analytics all in one place, so analyzing data points can be easier than ever.

Gain crucial insights into the workplace to ensure people are having the best possible experience in the office and identify what improvements need to be made. Let data drive the strategy with workplace management software.

Workplace Operations Managers

Workplace operations are all about maintaining and creating strategies that help the organization keep things on track and prevent roadblocks from occurring. This includes handling vendor relations, maintenance, and processes like desk and space booking.

Desk booking and conference room management software make it easy for workplace operations managers to monitor the office and ensure spaces and desks are being used efficiently. It also gives employees clear insight into what's happening in the office each day, so they can plan their weeks accordingly.

Workplace management software can simplify processes, and employee scheduling so your workplace operations manager can focus on maintaining an accessible and adaptable office space.

From workplace teams to facilities managers, workplace management software helps streamline operations.

Better Workplace Management Starts Here

As we move into a more modern way of working, our tools and resources should follow. Better business outcomes start with better solutions and technology. Workplace management software helps you unite your workplace and build successful hybrid workplace strategies.

Hybrid work is a human-first approach to the office, so why wouldn't the software you use reflect that? Empower your teams to do their best work with workplace management software.

Want to learn more about utilizing tools that support the entire workplace experience? Read now.

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