A Hot Desking Policy Template

A Hot Desking Policy Template

Sharing desks in an office - especially in a more traditional office - can be a big leap requiring change management tactics to ensure its success. Set expectations for both employees and admins with a policy for how-to hot desk in your workplace.

About this template

How to set expectations for hot desking in your office

To get started, we put together a template to write a hot desking policy for your office.

What’s inside this template:
A plug and play guideline document you can simply edit, update, and send out to your employees to implement effective hot desking in your office.

  • The type of activity-based work your company is rolling out
  • Why your company is making the change to shareable desks
  • Who in the office is eligible to hot desk
  • What types of desk reservations your company will use
  • How to effectively use hot desking technology
  • Additional employee guidelines

Key insights

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