Setting up office 365 room calendars


How to Connect a Service Account for Office 365

Calendar syncing is at the core of how Robin works. We take what your day looks like and help you find the room that’s truly available, that has the stuff you need in it to have a productive meeting. We’ve been working hard to make integrating your team’s calendars with…



What to Know When Moving Offices

There can be as many as six thousand companies looking to move offices or expand their space in any given month, according to a recent report by Mattermark. They all have either raised more money or have grown their teams to the point where their current setup is a bit more…



Three Types of People That Steal Conference Rooms

If you’ve ever had a meeting, which most folks have, then you know what it’s like to have your conference room stolen. You feel defeated, frustrated and sometimes disappointed that the office code of ethics is not being upheld. We know your pain. To help shed some light on who steals…



3 Myths of Workplace Happiness Debunked

We’ve heard it before, and if you’re building a company, an office and a workplace culture, you’ve heard it too. Hundreds of blog posts are written each year on workplace happiness, and how to facilitate it in your office. Today we’re going to take a look at three of the…

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New tools for managing events in your schedule

In July we announced Search 2.0, which was a total rewrite of our original office space search. For the past few months we’ve been working on our event scheduler to compliment the progress we’ve made on the dashboard to make finding and booking meetings even easier. Today we have a…


How to Add Users in Robin with Google

Whether you’re using Google Single Sign On, SAML or through an upload, there are myriad ways to add and onboard new people to Robin with Google. This guide explains the various methods — pick which one works for you and your set up: Sign in with an existing Google Apps…