How to Design Your Office Around Your Employees

Whether you’re moving offices or renovating the space you’re currently in, office design is something that never seems to go away. New ideas are presented, new studies come out on what’s most optimal for employee efficiency — the list goes on. Rather than tell you how to design your office, we’ll…



Before you move your office, answer these questions

Thousands of companies every year move office locations. These include office expansions and cross-country relocations. Although the reasons might appear clear why a change in location or space is needed, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before committing to such an investment. After all, companies can spend…



Link your Calendar Events

Every event you create in Robin holds lots of information that until now, wasn’t super easy to access. But today we’re excited to share with you a feature we’ve been working on to make that much easier. There are now dedicated pages for your calendar events. All Your Events in…

Setting up office 365 room calendars


How to Connect a Service Account for Office 365

Calendar syncing is at the core of how Robin works. We take what your day looks like and help you find the room that’s truly available, that has the stuff you need in it to have a productive meeting. We’ve been working hard to make integrating your team’s calendars with…



What to Know When Moving Offices

There can be as many as six thousand companies looking to move offices or expand their space in any given month, according to a recent report by Mattermark. They all have either raised more money or have grown their teams to the point where their current setup is a bit more…