ICYMI: Product Updates in November 2017

Highlights from the past month or so, as seen in our official changelog. A Brand New Timeline The new and improved timeline view lets you easily create new events by selecting available time windows from Schedule. Hovering over existing events previews details like meeting title and invitee count. Future efforts…



Stop IT Help Desk Tickets Before They Start

A few ways big companies are lightening the IT workload. As the modern IT worker, you shouldn’t need to fulfill every little request in the company. After all, it’s the IT masterminds that have to plan long-term strategies and research new technologies. We looked at common IT help desk (or…


Office Too Loud? You Need White Noise

Open offices are all the rage — including rage over noise levels.   If I lived in the Stone Age, I’d be an expert at hearing the slightest twig snap and alerting the squad of danger. But, in today’s day and age, this supersonic hearing means I am easily distracted…


How to Leave Work Early this Holiday Season

We asked a few friends how they look at holiday perks and employee motivation. It’s a perfect time to reward teammates for a great year and celebrate the season. But how much extra time can I request off before productivity halts? How many perks are too many where employee motivation…


Your Guide to Business Etiquette at Lunch

Common courtesies for eating with clients or vendors. I once witnessed a colleague spill two glasses of water during a business lunch, where luckily no iPhones were harmed in the making. My coworker thankfully recovered by ordering appetizers for the table that everyone loved. Now, you may not be able…


Tech Hub or Not: What Matters for Attracting Tech Talent

According to Glassdoor reviews, here’s what tech talent is looking for at companies inside and outside of Boston. Easy commutes, free lunches, and everything between. Startups and developed tech companies alike are offering a lot to their employees. As an IT manager, how do you compete in attracting tech talent?…

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