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Katie Samuelson
Katie Samuelson
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This year, the workplace makes a big leap forward, and there’s no shortage of problems for workplace teams to solve. How will we get back to the office this year? How much of the “remote work” craze will stick? How will hybrid work change how we interact with the physical office? 

Every week, we speak with hundreds of workplace admins facing the same questions. We know how important this year is for your people and how hard it is to figure out what “best practices” are when nobody’s done this before. That’s where you come in. 

We’re running a workplace industry survey to gather insights from people who actually run workplaces, manage office buildings, and foster the employee experience for their company. 

How’d you do it? How’d you handle 2020? Can we get a glimpse into your 2021 plans

We’ll combine your expertise with data from thousands of workplaces Robin helped reopen, so you can see how your back-to-office and 2021 strategies stack up against other workplace pros. 

Have a few minutes? Contribute to the 2021 workplace industry survey here.