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How to add new office locations in 2017

2017 will be a big year for the workplace, and in particular, how companies expand their brands around the world. Adding a new office location is more than just a recruiting effort or a support location — it’s just as strategic as any other company business decision. Align a location…


How to Design Your Office Around Your Employees

Whether you’re moving offices or renovating the space you’re currently in, office design is something that never seems to go away. New ideas are presented, new studies come out on what’s most optimal for employee efficiency — the list goes on. Rather than tell you how to design your office, we’ll…

Setting up office 365 room calendars


How to Connect a Service Account for Office 365

Calendar syncing is at the core of how Robin works. We take what your day looks like and help you find the room that’s truly available, that has the stuff you need in it to have a productive meeting. We’ve been working hard to make integrating your team’s calendars with…


How to Add Users in Robin with Google

Whether you’re using Google Single Sign On, SAML or through an upload, there are myriad ways to add and onboard new people to Robin with Google. This guide explains the various methods — pick which one works for you and your set up: Sign in with an existing Google Apps…


How to Share Google Calendar Resources

First time setting up Google apps with Robin? You’re in exactly the right place. When it comes to onboarding, it’s key to make sure each department and user has the resources they need to be successful. We’ll be putting together a few blog posts in the coming weeks on how to successfully…


Easier Display Activation and Set up

When it comes to setting up room displays for your conference rooms, we think a lot about how we can minimize your effort in getting them paired with the right space. When you need to set up devices for dozens (or hundreds) of conference rooms, logging in with a password is…

SAML Apps in Google Apps


How to set up SAML SSO with Google Apps

As of October 2015, Google Apps can now act as a SAML Identity Provider. This is great news for organizations that haven’t implemented SAML yet, because you can set up basic single sign-on authentication without introducing a third party service such as Okta or OneLogin. This guide will show you…