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Manage multiple days at once with the calendar view

Take control of your upcoming events across multiple days, weeks, and months with the new calendar view. It’s a familiar layout that comes with a few extra tools to help manage more of your schedule from one place. Select a block of time, and book the time directly or start…

Future of Work

Some Advice on Moving Offices: Contently

Companies move and expand offices all the time. We’ve written some pieces on how to prepare for it and design a space for your employees, but it’s better to hear it right from someone who did it. Here’s a quick Q&A with Contently, who helps brands do great content marketing…


Tooltips for search and space navigation

A few months ago, we added some quality of life upgrades for invitees. The ability to schedule a followup meeting and confirm events right from the dashboard were included, and since then, we’ve been working on ways to make space information and office search much more intuitive as well. Tool…

Future of Work

Robin, a year in review

2016 was a big year for Robin in the workplace — as we aim to help coordinate more parts of the office, we wanted to take a look back at some of the biggest features shipped this year. The Web Dashboard The Robin scheduling dashboard had the biggest visual and…


Link your Calendar Events

Every event you create in Robin holds lots of information that until now, wasn’t super easy to access. But today we’re excited to share with you a feature we’ve been working on to make that much easier. There are now dedicated pages for your calendar events. All Your Events in…

Setting up office 365 room calendars


How to Connect a Service Account for Office 365

Calendar syncing is at the core of how Robin works. We take what your day looks like and help you find the room that’s truly available, that has the stuff you need in it to have a productive meeting. We’ve been working hard to make integrating your team’s calendars with…