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Design your office for different space types

Work has changed. Most offices haven’t. That’s the tagline Herman Miller uses when describing the Living Office, a high performing workplace that’s designed to help employees do their best work, while aligning with the goals of the organization. And this isn’t a new concept, it’s just been more refined year…


How to Design Your Office Around Your Employees

Whether you’re moving offices or renovating the space you’re currently in, office design is something that never seems to go away. New ideas are presented, new studies come out on what’s most optimal for employee efficiency — the list goes on. Rather than tell you how to design your office, we’ll…


3 Myths of Workplace Happiness Debunked

We’ve heard it before, and if you’re building a company, an office and a workplace culture, you’ve heard it too. Hundreds of blog posts are written each year on workplace happiness, and how to facilitate it in your office. Today we’re going to take a look at three of the…


New tools for managing events in your schedule

In July we announced Search 2.0, which was a total rewrite of our original office space search. For the past few months we’ve been working on our event scheduler to compliment the progress we’ve made on the dashboard to make finding and booking meetings even easier. Today we have a…

Robin mobile with Invitations and location presence


The Ingredients of Robin, Part 3: Mobile

When it comes to finding the right room for your meeting, sometimes you won’t be at your desk to book a room. Whether it’s at a new office location, or on a different floor of your building, your phone can be a room scheduler in your pocket. With our mobile…