Growing Too Fast or Growing Too Slow To Getting It Just Right


Summary: Coworking is all about the unique personal stories the panel shared on how they got started. Each story is different but a similar thread is replicating is tough. What can help is starting to build a community as a soon as you can in new spacesKey Takeaway:

  • Coworking is locked into 30 days lease with members. You'll never have a set of member ready to move in when you open a new space.
  • Hiring general managers for a new pace is essential or you'll fall behind.
  • Difficult to make expansion plans when most people are month-to-month because it is an immediate need.
  • Team rooms pay the rent and are a huge benefit for members.

What We Think?The key to expansion is to make key parts of the experience easy to replicate in new places. Robin can help create an consistent experience when you open a new location and help new members feel like they are not strangers to the community.