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ICYMI: Product updates in June 2017

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The Robin Team
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Highlights from the past month or so, as seen in our official changelog.

Recurring events come to search

Good news for people who don’t like change: we now detect space availability for each event in a series and let you know if there are conflicts. Selecting Find a space displays spaces in the search page that can accommodate each event in a series, so you don’t need to do the conference-room-shuffle every second Tuesday of the month.

Admins can enable recurring events for the whole team from Settings > Organization > Experimental Features.

Suggested spaces

We'll now try to make smarter recommendations for spaces you're likely to use. Suggested spaces shows a handful of available (or soon-to-be available) spaces in your office that you might consider for your next event.

Find device issues faster with the redesigned system status page

This month we kicked off the Summer Device Management Overhaul '17, aimed at making room display + calendar management easier for admins. We're taking your feedback, combined with lessons learned this past year and making some big updates to admin device management tools.To start, we've redesigned the System Status page (previously Device Vitals) to highlight problems faster. The high-level breakdown of active and inactive displays let's you know how many devices need your attention. Responsible for the room displays in a specific office? You can now filter by building and status.

Odds and Ends

  • We added a new location field to the event composer. Drop in phone numbers, link to video calls, or provide address information for your guests.
  • You may have noticed some fresh new icons in our navigation bar.
  • RSVP to upcoming events and receive notifications about meetings starting and ending from the updated iOS and Android apps.
  • Looking for past receipts? You can view your complete billing history from Settings > Billing. We'll still send receipts to the email on file, of course.


  • Fixed an issue where you could not create a level if spaces didn’t exist. We no longer care which happens first.
  • Fixed issue where extension users would frequently be logged out when also using the web dashboard.
  • We resolved a few cases where default location wasn’t respected throughout the app.We're still tracking down an edge case where SAML logins would require a refresh before default location was recognized.
  • Some people were asked to save changes when viewing a space's settings page (even if they weren’t editing settings).
  • Fixed an issue where a few admins were having trouble deleting a space from space settings.
  • We will only show device information warnings for displays connected to a space.
  • Switching between buildings in Analytics now loads information properly.
  • Building filters in search will now go away when you tell them to.
  • Typing too fast while logging in created an issue for some speedy users. We will stop holding you back.
  • UX fixes include better positioning for start/end dates in the event composer.

What’s next?

In no particular order, here’s what folks at Robin are thinking about:

  • We’re putting finishing touches on the latest version of our tablet app Rooms and continuing work on system status updates. Thanks to our beta group for feedback, we’re excited to roll out the updated app soon.
  • Managing displays could be more manageable for people with dozens or hundreds of spaces.
  • Expect to see improvements to analytics, like more ways to segment important data (e.g. impromptu meetings, restricted spaces.)

For a longer view, check out our public roadmap.

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