May update: Customize and theme your office search

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screenshot of Robin platform

May was a busy month here at Robin, so if you missed the product updates when they happened, don’t fret. That’s what I’m here for.

Search 2.0: finding the right room has never been easier

Search 2.0 was an entire rewrite of our initial office search, and now, finding the right room for exactly what you need is much easier than before. Filter by amenities, locations and/or capacity for your meeting, then see which filters you’ve applied with a dash of color. By having the UI cleanly and colorfully show you what’s available, it’s a whole lot easier to find the right room.


You can now do things like:

  • Choose which location you'd like to view details on from a dropdown menu in a single view
  • View spaces at just one location or jump to a specific space through the browse tab
  • Search with 10x the speed (that’s what the engineers tell me, but you’ll definitely notice the difference too!)

Custom Theming for your Dashboard

A bonus addition to the new  search is the ability to customize your dashboard with your company’s branding; like your office homepage. Now, you can personalize your dashboard so that every time your team logs in, the experience feels integrated with your office.


Replacing your password with a PIN number

Passwords are tedious, especially when you’re entering them for tens or hundreds of conference rooms in your office. In May, PIN pairing was a dream turned reality.  With Robin’s new activation process, you can now enter in a PIN number to assign a room to a display.


Edit and update live events

We all know the feeling. You’ve done all this prep to make sure there’s a google doc in the description, you’ve invited the right people and found the perfect room to fit the meeting you’re about to have. What if four more people get added at the last minute? What if you find out there’s a need to have an Apple TV as soon as the meeting starts?Now, you can edit live events.


As always, we’re here if you need anything.  Click here to learn about how you can use Robin for free today.