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ICYMI: Product updates in February 2018

Robin hardware
The Robin Team
Published on
March 12, 2018

Highlights from the past month or so, as seen in our official changelog.

Introducing MDM Support

In February our Room Display saw a bunch of upgrades set on making life easier for IT departments everywhere. The Rooms app now integrates nicely with mobile device management system (MDM) providers. For those not in the know, MDM helps IT teams deploy apps and configure settings for tens, hundreds, or thousands of devices at once.

  •    With MDM support, you can now deploy Rooms to all of your displays at once and troubleshoot faster if devices fall offline. Automatically pair new displays managed through MDM. As a result, setting up 100 new Room Displays requires fewer than 10 clicks.    
  • With Autonomous Single App Mode (ASAM), an app running in ASAM will automatically drop out of single app mode after certain trigger actions (e.g., dropping wifi) to enable troubleshooting, and automatically return once everything is back to normal.

To get started and learn more:- Setting up room displays with MDM- Setting up ASAM for RoomsMDM support is available for iOS and Android tablet users.

New: Customize Room Display overlay colors

While we're fond of stoplight colors (red, yellow, green) to showcase availability, you can now customize Room Display overlay colors. Match company brand guidelines or pick your favorite pastels or neons, the choice is yours.

Some folks like when options are simple, or black and white. In addition to choosing colors that reflect a favorite sports team or match your company logo to represent In Use/Available, you can eliminate the third state (yellow) which represents Booked. For more info on custom colors, check out the support doc.

Coming Soon: Robin Maps

Our upcoming Robin Maps got a lot of love from our engineering team in February and we’re excited to release it very soon. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re working on:


Interested in Maps for your office? Get in touch! Reach out through the chat box in the bottom right of your screen.

Odds & Ends

• A fontastic new look - if you noticed a fresh face to our Dashboard, it’s because we migrated to some fancy new fonts (including Larsseit)• Want to know about the busiest times in your office? Analytics > Heatmap now has a handy legend.• Invitee responses are shown as icons and colors - shown below, color-blind accessible icons.

Fixed in Feb

  • Updates were made to Analytics > Leaderboard. Proper percentages are now shown for change increase/decrease.
  • Suggested Spaces were missing for a handful of organizations. We will continue to make suggestions for everyone.
  • Fixed an issue that caused timezones to go haywire when moving meetings in the Schedule view.
  • We added even better explanations for folks running into errors with calendar connections.
  • Fixed an issue that was hiding all invitees in the event composer.
  • A number of improvements were made to our soon-to-be-released Maps.
  • Patched inconsistencies for Analytics. Now Leaderboard, Overview, and weekly emails provide a single source of truth for the data.
  • Room Displays were showing the event organizers despite privacy settings. Identities are now concealed upon request.
  • Mobile iOS notifications weren’t reliably firing to start events. This was fixed at the end of February, so you have one less excuse for lateness.
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