Searchable, bookable magic: Introducing Robin v2 for iOS and Android

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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image of Robin platform on mobile

Robin’s mobile app for iOS and Android just got a whole lot more useful for daily office action with addition of searchable and bookable rooms.It’s been redesigned from the ground up, with better schedule management in mind.

It’s the best place to see what’s happening now in your office, or just find a space free when you need it.With this update, you can:

  • Search for available space at a specific time.
  • Reserve by booking directly to the room's calendar.
  • See which of your co-workers are in the office.
  • Keep track of your schedule, and where your next meeting is held.
  • Save your battery life with rewritten and more responsive presence logic. Or just turn off presence and use the app as a scheduling tool.

The makeover

We're introducing new tabbed navigation, an office overview, and search to find meeting rooms when you need them. In fact, now it's ok to plan ahead. Book up to a week in advance and get a sneak peek into other events happening in the room during the day. We’ll give you the full schedule, so you can find and reserve the best available time.

The new home screen shows what's happening in your office, including info about your next meeting.

View schedules and book future meetings in a space.

See the big reveal for yourself on Android and iOS.

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