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ICYMI: Product updates in July 2017

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The Robin Team
Published on

Highlights from the past month or so, as seen in our official change log.

Introducing the Omnibar: easy access to the people and places in your office

The Omnibar will help make you faster at finding the right person or place. Not superhuman fast, but certainly "Oh my, that's nice" quick. To create an event with someone within the office, begin typing a name and select the person you need to meet. The event composer will pop up with that person as an invitee.

Looking for a specific space? Select the building you’d like to search and type a space name to get details like availability, amenities, or manage settings.

Google & O365 autocomplete

To continue our goal of reading your mind anticipating your needs, we’re introducing autocomplete for email contacts. Mobile users are already familiar with this luxury and we’re bringing the web dashboard up to speed.

What’s that? You haven’t memorized the full email address of every single person you need to invite to a meeting? For those with connected Google and Office365 accounts (and terrible short-term memory) we will now autocomplete contacts for invitations to more than just your coworkers.

Begin typing a contact's name, select the Sarah or Sam you’re looking for and wrap up details. Coworkers with Robin accounts appear with “R” logos on their avatar.Check out User Settings > Integrations to enable and access contact autocomplete.

Odds and Ends

  • The mobile apps saw a host of recent updates including the option to create All Day events.
  • We made it easier to grab a shareable link to events via the event's Actions menu. Save your breath the next time someone asks “When is the All Hands meeting again?” by replying with links to the individual event.
  • Event data reports are available from Analytics > Exports and sent to your inbox. You can then take it to your secret laboratory or, you know, import the data into your own internal tool.
  • In Analytics > Overview Land, we’ve added charts for meeting confirmation rates. Soon you’ll see confirmation rates show up in individual Space > Analytics.
  • Attention European accountants: the Billing page now allows you to input VAT numbers. We’re told this excites people.
  • We're starting to bring more stuff found only under a single Space > Manage view into Settings > Office > Space. You can now update a space’s photo quickly from Office Settings.
  • Set up your office faster using the big new button in Office Settings to create either a space, building or campus.

Fixed in July

  • Fixed an issue where opening the event composer would show an error message when your default location did not have any calendared spaces.
  • The date selection in Analytics > Leaderboard was incorrectly labeled `Today` while displaying info from the day before. We learned what `Yesterday` means and renamed accordingly.
  • Fixed an issue related to switching locations in the Leaderboard and Heatmap. You can now safely bounce between buildings (but please wear appropriate safety gear.)
  • Mobile notifications were causing crashes for some users. We'll stop preventing you from reaching your full potential.
  • Fixed labeling issues which gave the impression trials were pending invoices.
  • UX fixes include adding some space between a location name and it’s building icon.
  • Fixed an issue where events with long invitee lists were displaying descriptions in a weird way.

What’s Next?

In no particular order, here’s what folks at Robin are thinking about:

  • Integrations with Zoom: Soon you’ll be able to add a Zoom link to meetings in the event composer, and start the call from existing events. We’ve heard from many folks that adding links to conference calls would be handy and we agree.
  • We’ve closed the Rooms v3 beta: thank you to our group of testers! The completed app will ship to the various app stores (iTunes, Google Play Store, & Kindle Fire) this month. Set aside time in August to reflect on its beauty and update your devices.
  • Individual Space > Manage settings will retire soon. We’ll allow you to do more building-wide scheduling rules with fewer tabs open, directly from Office Settings.

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