Pick the right stuff to work on first


In product development, you have to unbreak before you can invent

Early product development is hard. The vision is to build something new — something that makes a difference. The reality? You’re spending more time crushing bugs instead of “it”. If your life was a movie, this would be the 30 second montage between good parts. So what’s important while getting to Minimum Sellable Product?

Robin's new mobile apps for offices


Searchable, bookable magic: Introducing Robin v2 for iOS and Android

The Robin mobile app just received a major redesign. Starting today, the location overview page shows current events within the office, including your upcoming meetings. Search helps you find and book available space now or in the future. The people tab shows which coworkers are nearby. See the big reveal for yourself on Android and iOS.

Effective AM meeting tips


How to get the most out of morning meetings

Imagine you’re given a magic potion every day that makes you great at creative thinking for a few hours. The catch? You have to drink it first thing in the morning. Knowing this, would you want to spend your two hours hours waiting in line or sitting in meetings?