Robin colored Android Robot


Robin for Android

In our ongoing mission to improve workplace coordination, we’ve been hustling to make Robin possible for all members of your team, not just folks with iPhones. With the arrival of Lollipop (Android 5.0) this fall, it made sense to bring automatic room booking to Android too. We’re kicking off the new year by announcing…


Growing Enterprise with Konica Minolta

Today we’re happy to announce that we have a new supporter in the mission to make work better — Konica Minolta is joining our roster of investors, alongside Fundfire, Trani Capital, Ty Danco, Tony Kreisel, Matt Peters, and Brennan White. Konica Minolta has been a dominating player in the the workplace…

Robin Rooms Tablet


Meet Robin Rooms: A new way to find free space

We’re on a mission to make the data Robin reports highly reliable, and part of how we get there is handling the folks in the office that don’t have Robin on their mobile device, either by choice or because they’re guests. We think this shouldn’t be a barrier to participate,…


The T3 Office Tour

T3 is located in Boston, MA, right on the harbor in the Innovation District. They have an awesome office which is known as the T3 Innovation Studio. One of the things we love at Robin is an awesome office. And we love to learn about how they came to be,…


A Superpowered Sidebar

Today you’ll notice the sidebar on our web dashboard looks different. Besides being darker, it also has a few big changes that should make it easier to find available space around the office. Let’s take a tour. This was the old location sidebar. It’s terrible. We’re sorry for subjecting you to…


The Wistia Office Tour

Wistia is located in Cambridge, MA, near Central Square. They have an awesome office. One of the things we love at Robin is an awesome office. And we love to learn about how they came to be, which is why we asked Chris Savage, co-founder & CEO, to give us…

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