The Internet of Things

Why Device Ownership Will Become Obsolete

Since the first post on invisible devices, I’ve had a few great conversations diving deeper into the idea. Some of the more skeptical feedback (rightfully so) was how devices could possibly be replaced by software. Here’s a follow up for the points worth clarifying. Devices aren’t destined to completely disappear.…

Future of Work

How Companies Use Analytics in the Workplace

Analytics are nothing new to business. From measuring sales to optimizing marketing campaigns, we’ve clearly been doing this for a while. But companies now use data to guide decisions other than just those in the sales, marketing and financial realms. In this post we’ll take a look at two ways…


How to Deal With Negativity in the Workplace

Every job has its ups and downs. As a manager, part of your job is to motivate your team members. To be successful in doing that, you need to help your team ride the inevitable roller coaster of the business world and responding to negativity when they feel overwhelmed or…


The Five Minute Culture

This post originally appeared on Build Internet, the blog of One Mighty Roar. (One Mighty Roar is our parent company. Hi Dad!) If I spent five minutes alone with a random person in your company, would I get the right impression?

The Internet of Things

Sensors, Switches, and Screens: The Future of Invisible Devices

There’s a good reason why self-hosted web and mail servers are a rare find in 2014.

If cloud computing did one thing well, it’s that it made people think long and hard before buying a complete server themselves. Infrastructure is hard, and upgrades are expensive. Folks like Amazon and Google take away the hassle via service without the depreciating assets.

I think the devices will go the same way.

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