The Ingredients of Robin, Part 2: Office search and analytics

There are lots of things in an office. There are rooms, people, amenities and much more. Finding the right room for the meeting you’re trying to have hasn’t always been the easiest thing to do. This is where the second ingredient of Robin comes in.

Robin’s web scheduler is an extension of your office; a place where you can filter down and sort by what you need to find the right room.


The Future of Office Search

If you’ve ever used OpenTable or Airbnb, you’ll recognize a similar portal with Robin. Think of it as a search engine for your office, with the ability to filter out types of rooms, the types of technologies, and locations if you’re switching between floors or offices. Robin gives you the rooms that make the most sense for the meeting you’re having.

When you’re able to better track of all the things and meetings that take place in an office, you can start to collect data around their usage.


For example, maybe a four-person room with a white board is most popular with the sales team. Or maybe Fridays are your busiest day in the office for meetings with a conference room holding more than six people. 

When thinking about office expansions or a new location, understanding the heatmap of your office can better inform you of whether or not you need more rooms, or if you need to add a type of technology that is more popular in the rooms being used (ex. An Apple TV).

Knowledge is power. Understanding how your office and the things inside it are being used will help you better optimize for a more efficient workplace.

Want to learn more about the Robin web scheduler and its office search functionality? We just announced Search 2.0, the future of office search