New models for co-working: The blurring of lines

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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Summary: Coworking is a growing trend but growing in very different ways - today's panel included people running spaces that are independent, corporate funded, university funded and one with a climbing wall.When asked "what has worked and what are the challenges?"

There were a range of answers. Generally speaking, growth was the top issue while the network strength was a close second. Small, focused teams manages the space while using the right tools have helped grow these communities.The second half of the panel looked towards coworking business models. The spilt came between loss leaders for Sprint and Mind Market to revenue models from Brooklyn Boulders and Workbar. Loss leaders (to start) focused on keeping people/students in the area. Brooklyn Boulders focused in making nonlinear fitness and work environment while Workbar's focus is on the network beyond spaces.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are different growth challenges given the goals of the workspace.
  • Large companies look to rent space for teams that can help offset costs for independent members.
  • The network extends beyond the coworking space - Workbar has a network that specializes in finding space for teams that grow out of their space but want to remain in the network.
  • Community and experience are where niche is carved out - bring awesome people together and help them continue to grow.

What We Think? Robin focus is to bring presence to the workplace. With presence, coworking spaces can build unique experiences to the space's personality as well as monitor management of the space. We are excited to see how unique people can get with presence in the mix.