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Robin Introduces 4 New Supported Languages

A phone with Robin's hybrid workplace software
Andra Hrycenko
Published on

Picture this: You’re on a road trip, a new song comes on, and you don’t know the lyrics, but you are already dancing along. Feet tapping. Head moving. 

When you get home, you look up the lyrics. You liked the song before, but knowing the lyrics? That makes you love it even more. 

Some of our Robin users were in a similar spot before today. 

At Robin, we're committed to improving the customer experience. Communication is the foundation of hybrid work and we want to ensure our workplace tool is accessible to everyone.

We’re excited to announce that Robin administrators and end users can now choose from four newly supported languages. When using the mobile app or the web dashboard, customers can now select:

  • French
  • Canadian French
  • German
  • Spanish

We hope these new supported languages can help improve communication and create positive employee experiences.

Robin's new supported languages

4 Newly Supported Languages for Better Hybrid Experiences

We are grateful to have been recognized as a Hybrid Work Leader in G2’s 2022 Summer Report, and proud of our platform’s high Ease of Use score, but we also know there have been hybrid teams that had an average experience accessing our tools.

According to a study by Forrester, 56% of consumers care about getting information in their language. In 2021, Babbel, a top language learning app, estimated that although 17% of the world population speaks English, only 4.6% are native speakers. Our customers have offices in 70 countries around the world and we are excited to better serve each one of them. 

“We believe every company can build a hybrid workplace that empowers people to do great work and fosters a sense of community.  Language and localization play a big part in making people feel like they belong” - Ciara Peter, Vice President of Product at Robin.

Changing your desired settings is easy:

  1. Click on User Settings in either the mobile app or the web dashboard
  2. Scroll to the Language section under Localization
  3. Select the language of your choice from the dropdown menu

Bonus: Administrators can also pre-select a language of choice for each building they manage.

“We hope these improvements lead to a seamless employee experience for our global customers. This is one of many engineering investments we are making to help companies successfully adopt a hybrid workplace that is more focused on social connection than mandated policy” – Ciara Peter, Vice President of Product at Robin

Our goal is to build technology solutions that support and enhance hybrid workplaces, and we will continue to grow and improve to benefit our customers.

For more information, see the Supported Languages resource in the Help Center.

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