Everything you need to know about activity-based work

Everything you need to know about activity-based work

Reduce costs and improve employee happiness with an agile work environment.

About this guide

An activity-based work (ABW) environment isn't for everyone. Get a full look at the advantages, drawbacks, and different styles of activity-based work to determine if it's right for your company. Hear about anticipated open office complaints and ways to avoid and combat them, along with strategies of successful ABW environments we've seen out in the wild, from companies of all sizes. Learn how ABW can:

  • Save on your largest expense: real estate
  • Impact recruitment and retention in a positive way
  • Increase productivity with a flexible workplace

"In free-address, integration of the workforce is seamless. You and your colleagues share, co-author, mentor, learn, socialize, focus, collaborate, and even have those private one-on-one conversations. That's because everyone is visibly active, moving from place to place throughout the day." Read about how companies like Deloitte, Klaviyo, and Gensler have led the charge in activity-based work and continue to pave the flexible way of working for companies around the world.

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