The ultimate guide to an RFP for meeting room displays

Whether you're a beginner or an RFP guru, you can always learn something new. We put together a 10 page guide on best practices for room display RFPs and how to choose the right room display solution that makes sense for your office. The guide comes with a bonus RFP template to send out to vendors when you're ready.

Learn everything you need to know about RFPs for room displays

Most modern workplaces include multiple types of digital office signage serving various purposes for the facility and employees within it. In this guide, we outline one type of digital signage -- the room display -- and how you can use it to enhance your workplace and meeting room experience. What you get:

  • Full overview of what room displays are
  • A walkthrough of signs that your office should be using them
  • A table that goes over every section of an RFP for room displays
  • Next steps and an RFP template to download and use