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social distancing in the workplace

Distance planning made easy

Start planning a safer office environment for your team with desk management for physical distancing.

social distancing guidelines

See the full picture of desks on day one

Start to understand and manage the impact of social distancing on your office with distance planning. Plan for reduced capacity and visualize your office at each stage.

  • Map out distance planning in your office

  • Draft and experiment with new seating charts

  • Share updates with the entire team

  • Monitor how the change is going

office seating chart

Simply manage and draft your seating chart

Develop a seating strategy that works for your people — all flexible, all assigned or a blend of both. Drag and drop people  directly on a map and draft flexible seating needed to introduce changes like shifts to existing assigned desk layouts.

workplace team

Make the transition back a team effort

In the office, make rearranging seating charts a collaborative effort with shared drafts that allow multiple stakeholders to work on the same version before going live to the rest of the company.

interactive office map

Share updates with everyone involved

No need for time-consuming emails when your office map updates in real time. Give everyone a living map view of your latest layout, complete with daily desk reservations. Allow teams to self-manage neighborhoods of the office while maintaining physical distance for a safe floor plan.

office safety and contact tracing

Report on how people use the office

Safety is one of the biggest concerns re-entering a post-COVID workplace. Stay on top of who’s been in the office, where they’ve sat and when, and who was around them using exports that track both assigned and flex desks for contact tracing.

Get your workplace ready to go

Robin gives you the power to manage a return that works for everyone. Plan yours with desk management for physical distancing.

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